Why home cook?

Why would anyone want to home-cook for their pets? After all, there are plenty of commercial foods around which claim to offer cats and dogs high-quality nutrition and make feeding as easy as scooping biscuits from a bag.

Home-cooking, on the other hand, sounds complicated, messy, time-consuming and difficult to get right. So why am I, as a pet owner, veterinarian, and founder of 2 commercial pet food companies, suggesting that home-cooking is the future of pet food?

Well, the answer is that after spending 15 years in the pet food industry, I know exactly what goes into commercial pet foods and I’ve come to believe that we can do better than feeding our best friends mass-produced, highly processed foods.


A healthier way

‘You are what you eat’ is a well-known phrase, and it’s just as relevant to our pets as it is to ourselves. The quality of the ingredients we and our pets consume is absolutely connected to long-term health outcomes. 


Only by home-preparing your pet's food can you really be sure exactly what they are eating. Unlike ultra-processed pet foods which are made from ingredients many industrial processes away from their natural state, home-cooked foods are simple, fresh and healthy.

And there's even science to back this up - a study of 500 dogs showed that those fed home-prepared diets lived nearly 3 years longer than those fed commercial pet foods. Follow the link to the pdf below to read the report in detail.

Save money

Not only is home-cooking the ideal way to provide your pet with all the fresh, healthy nutrition they need, it is also amazingly good value for money.

For example, to feed a typical 30kg dog with home-prepared meals using high quality fresh ingredients costs around £2 per day. Compare this to £4 a day for frozen meals, or around £2 a day to feed good quality processed dry food.

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