VetChef FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What nutritional standards are used to formulate your diets?

At VetChef we use whole food nutrient profiles and specialised software to formulate our recipes to meet FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines For Complete and Complementary Pet Food for Cats and Dogs. We also take great care to consider additional factors like bioavailability and calorie density when formulating our recipes. For clinical recipes, we always formulate to meet up to date clinical recommendations including Small Animal Clinical Nutrition - Mark Morris Institute, Fascetti and Delaney Applied Clinical Nutrition & American College of Veterinary Nutrition Notes

Aren’t home-cooked diets too variable to consistently meet nutritional targets?

It is true that it is challenging to be certain that home-cooked ingredients will have the exact same nutrient analysis every time. At VetChef we formulate all of our recipes (and supplements) to have inbuilt safety margins, especially in clinically relevant areas, in order to ensure that recipes are safe. By providing accurate ingredients, amounts, supplement amounts and cooking instructions we also reduce the likelihood of owners making errors in preparation.

Can your diets be used alongside commercial prescription diets?

Yes definitely. We are aware that for many pet owners palatability is the primary issue and that often owners really want something to 'mix-in' to improve intakes. Currently pet owners are inclined to add non-specific ingredients to increase palatability but this often results in a loss of the intended clinical balance. Since VetChef diets are clinically balanced in themselves, and can safely be used as a small or large part of a dogs nutritional management. We are currently adding to our large database of prescription kibble and wet products to allow owners to record existing prescription diets as part of their dog's menu, allowing us to calculate the correct amounts of VetChef Recipes to recommend.

What about dogs with more than one clinical health issue?

VetChef is especially useful in cases where no existing prescription product exists - for example, pets with renal failure who also require a very low fat diet, or pets with pancreatitis but chicken allergies. Home cooking formulation means that at VetChef we can create recipes that accomodate almost any pet, even if they have multiple conditions.

How much does your service cost?

Our services are provided free of charge to vets, and we charge £15 per month for our VetChef Clinical package for clients. This includes bespoke clinical recipes, nutritional data and management tools and expert nutritional support from our team.