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VetChef Treat Kits

Cook amazing treats, snacks & desserts for your dogs

Treat your dog to something special

Hooray! Your first box is half price!


Just use the code TREATS2022 at the checkout to claim your discount.


How VetChef Treat Kits work

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Tell us about your dog, so our nutritionists can select their perfect recipes

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We choose a recipe to perfectly suit your dog's needs and preferences

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A different treat kit arrives every time, so there's always something new to cook

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Show them love 

We all love our dogs, right - but how best to show them how we feel?

At VetChef we think there's no better way than a delicious homemade treat, packed with healthy goodness and made with a big dollop of your love.

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Variety is the spice of life 

Shop-bought treats can get a bit boring after a while (not to mention al the unmentionable ingredients they contain). 


But when it comes to homemade, imagination can run wild - and our nutritionists love getting creative and coming up with new an exciting ways to delight the world's dogs!

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Something for that special day 

When your dog's big day comes around, we'll make sure you've got something special to help celebrate. 

Our treats for special days include healthy birthday cakes, Christmas pudding, Easter treats and much more. So, your dog will never need to celebrate without something tasty in their bowl.

Our recipes

Here's just a flavour of the recipes you'll find in your dog's VetChef Treat Kit box...


Calming Chamomile Cookies
with chicory, marshmallow & ginger


Chicken & Wild Rice

with green tea & spirulina


Peanut Butter & Pumpkin

with high fibre seed mix

Liver Chip Cookies finished.jpg

Liver Chip

with oats, bone broth & Thyme

Ultimate TT finished.jpg

Ultimate Training

with beef liver, cheese & almonds

Beef beetroot and mint jelly_edited.jpg

Beef & Beetroot

with a rich bone broth

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