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VetChef Pro provides prescription homemade recipes, nutritional supplements and expert support for dogs with renal disease, pancreatitis, hepatic disease, dermatitis, IBD and more


Prescription recipes

Clinically formulated recipes designed to meet FEDIAF and clinical nutrition guidelines

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Nutritional supplements

Designed to balance every recipe and ensure consistently optimised nutrition


Expert support

Our vets, and nutritionists provide expert long-term support to your clients 

How it works:



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Sign up clients to VetChef Clinical

Register clients directly or provide a link for them to access at home



Clinical recipes, supplements & support

Your clients receive personalised clinical recipes for their dog, plus our prescription supplements and ongoing nutritional support 




Long-term clinical monitoring

Receive regular updates on each patient's nutritional progress, plus add your own notes and tests results


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Are you aware that only an estimated 5% of pets recommended a prescription diet by a vet are receiving their recommended diet exclusively?
VetChef Pro can help you to help 95% who aren't receiving the clinical nutritional care they need.

Why home-cooked?

Home-cooked recipes can provide a solution to this problem, either alongside prescription diets, improving their palatability and acceptance, or as an alternative where pet or owner would prefer to avoid processed foods.

Until VetChef, home-cooked diets were unreliable and potential dangerous. But now, with our clinical veterinary expertise, home cooking has been brought into the 21st century and has the potential to revolutionise the way we provide advanced clinical nutrition to our patients.

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Prescription Supplements

To ensure every home-cooked meal delivers the perfect balance of nutrients required to support each patient, we supply a range of veterinary-designed nutritional supplements to accompany our recipes.

Created by our team of veterinary nutritionists, each supplement is designed to accompany specific prescription recipes to provide optimum nutritional support in every meal.

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What is therapeutic home cooking?

Nutrition plays a key role in the long-term health management of dogs with a wide range of medical conditions such as renal disease, diabetes, IBD and pancreatitis. Modern prescription diets can provide excellent nutritional support in these cases - however, for many dogs and owners, these diets aren't well accepted, and compliance, and therefore nutrition management, is often poor.

Therapeutic home cooking, where pet parents prepare clinically balanced meals at home for their dogs, offers vets and their patients an alternative approach, either alongside a traditional prescription diet or as an alternative in cases where processed foods are not working.

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Can home-cooked food provide safe clinical nutrition?


Until the arrival of VetChef, the answer to this question would be 'not easily' - the internet is littered with unsafe, inappropriate recipes making it almost impossible for vets or owners to find suitable recipes to support their dog's health needs without the expense and time involved in consulting a clinical nutritionist.


VetChef is dedicated to providing safe, clinically appropriate recipes for dogs with a range of medical conditions, and making therapeutic home cooking a viable alternative for vets and their patients. Our recipes and supplements are formulated to meet the same nutritional guidelines as commercial prescription diets, and are personalised for each dog to ensure they perfectly meet every patient's individual nutritional and energy requirements.

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