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Why home-cook for your dog?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Why home-cook for your dog? After all there are loads of processed foods out there that are often more convenient, and sometimes even cheaper. The answer is because pets are family, and as pet parents, we believe that our dogs deserve the same quality of food as the rest of the family. And the only way to make sure that’s the case is to make their food at home.

As well as being made from quality ingredients, homemade foods can also be 100% tailored to suit every dog's individual requirements and preferences - so if your dog has diet-related health issues, food intolerances or just specific likes and dislikes, a homemade diet can accommodate all of their requirements to provide exactly the right balance of nutrients to support their lifestyle.

Feeding dogs a high-quality diet can be expensive – frozen processed ready meals can be great, but they’re not cheap, costing £5 or more per day for a typical dog. Feeding a fresh homemade diet with the same or better ingredients will be around HALF the cost. That adds up to a lot of money over the course of a dog’s lifetime.

And there's also the environmental impact of commercial dog foods to consider - the carbon footprint of most processed foods is immense, from the oil-based packaging, to transport, food miles and the carbon footprint of industrial processing. Compare that to the much lower impact of feeding a homemade diet using locally sourced ingredients with no packaging, processing or transport. And with VetChef, your dog can easily go flexitarian by including veggie or vegan meals in their diet to further reduce their carbon pawprint.

So that all adds up to a lot of reasons why home-cooking is a great way to feed your dog. And with Buddy, the new VetChef pet food maker coming soon, home-cooking will be super-simple and quick. Head over to the meet Buddy page to sign up and be first in line to order Buddy when he launches later in the year.

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