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VetChef Premium & Clinical

We're super-excited to announce the launch of our two new My VetChef plans - VetChef Premium & VetChef Clinical!

If you regularly cook for your dog at home and want access to our extended premium set of recipes and features, then VetChef Premium is for you. Or if your dog requires specialist nutritional support for a medical condition such as kidney disease or pancreatitis, our new VetChef Clinical service will provide everything you need.

VetChef Premium

Ideal for regular home-cookers, VetChef Premium includes all the features of our standard free account, plus:

  • Extended range of premium recipes

  • Full nutritional analysis of your dog's diet

  • Access to email support from our team of expert nutritionists

  • The premium package costs just £5 a month (or £50 a year if paid annually) and also gives you a 15% discount on your regular supplement orders.

  • Find out more about VetChef Premium

VetChef Clinical

If your dog has a clinical health issue such as kidney disease, IDB, pancreatitis or a skin allergy, then our new VetChef Clinical package is the ideal way to manage their clinical nutritional needs. In addition to all of the features of VetChef Premium, you will get:

  • Personalised Prescription Homemade recipes for your dog

  • Access to our new Prescription supplements

  • Online video and email support from our expert nutritional team who will personally manage your dog's nutritional plan

  • VetChef Clinical is just £15 a month, or £150 a year if paid annually.

Head over to My VetChef to register your dog and start their home-cooking journey to health, happiness and wellbeing.

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