Raw vs cooked

Updated: Mar 31

Raw feeding has been around for many years – in fact you could argue that it’s been around ever since dogs and cats evolved as cooking is a very recent phenomenon in the greater scheme of things. Nowadays many pets are fed successfully on raw diets, and supporters of this approach argue that it’s the best way to feed pets as it is closest to their ‘ancestral diets’.

While I have no doubt that pets can do well on a raw diet, I don’t believe that it’s necessarily the best way to feed our pets. During the last ten thousand or so years, dogs and cats have changed significantly as they have adapted to life with humans. Just as we have adapted and thrived on cooked food, so to have our close animal companions. Modern cats and dogs are very different animals compared to the wild wolves and feral cats they have evolved from, so I don’t believe that the notion of an ‘ancestral diet’ is really relevant. Instead we should concentrate on what works best for modern cats and dogs, and there is no doubt in my mind that freshly cooked meals made with high-quality ingredients is the best approach.

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