Fresh recipes as unique as your dog

Nutrition plays a major role in your dog’s health and happiness, so it’s vital that their diet provides exactly the right level of all the important nutrients they need every day.


From protein for growth and repair, and energy for all that activity they love, right down to essential micronutrients like zinc, copper and all the vitamins, their needs are as unique as their fur-style and character.


My VetChef creates bespoke home-cooking recipes tailored to your dog's individual needs and preferences.

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1. Create your dog’s profile

including any health and dietary issues

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 2. View and search recipes

designed specifically for your dog

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3. Cook fresh

with your VetChef Buddy pet food maker – or your usual kitchen implements

How it works

Created by VetChef founder and head vet, Dr Joe Inglis, My VetChef  combines his nutritional expertise with a wealth of data on the dietary requirements of different types dogs and a massive database of ingredients and their nutritional properties. ​Oh, and his crossbreed dog Pip also had a paw in the recipe approval process!

When you enter your dog's details the system calculates their exact nutritional requirements, whilst also taking into account any ingredients you need or prefer to exclude from their diet. It then picks out a set of recipes that best meet these requirements and modifies them to ensure they deliver the exact balance of nutrients and energy required.

The end result is a unique set of recipes designed to deliver just the right level of nutrients your dog - and only your dog - needs to keep them as fit and healthy as possible.


More to come

We’re passionate about making it super-easy to cook healthy, fresh food for your dog at home, so we’re working hard to make My VetChef as paw-some as possible, with loads of features on the way…

  • Food diary - so you can keep track of exactly what you fed your dog and when

  • Recipe search – find a bespoke recipe for your dog based on the ingredients you have at home

  • Sharing plates – recipes designed to suit two or more of your dogs, so you don’t need to cook separate meals for each one

  • Nutrition dashboard – monitor your dog’s nutritional status

  • Shopping lists – create shopping lists for all the ingredients you need for your dog’s meals every week


  • Auto cook with your VetChef Buddy – send a recipe to Buddy, weigh in the ingredients and let Buddy do all the hard work for you