Fresh recipes as unique as your dog

My VetChef creates bespoke home-cooking recipes tailored to your dog's individual needs and preferences.


Designed by Dr Joe Inglis and his team of expert nutritionists, My VetChef makes home cooking for dogs easy, safe - and tasty!


Every recipe is individually optimised to meet your dog's nutritional requirements, so you can relax in the knowledge that their delicious fresh meals are providing everything they need for their long-term health and wellbeing.

My VetChef is your expert nutrition partner

Feed the right diet for your dog

My VetChef is not just about fresh, home-made foods.

We believe that every dog should enjoy the diet that suits them - and their parents - best, whether that is home-made or mass produced. So, as well as creating personalised recipes for healthy home-cooked meals, My VetChef also provides bespoke diet recommendations and feeding guides for a wide range of commercial diets, from dry foods to frozen.

However you choose to feed your dog, VetChef is here to help and support you to make sure your dog gets the very best nutrition possible.

Our plans

VetChef Free

Our free plan, designed for occasional home-cookers, those looking to introduce homemade food into their dog's diet for the first time, or to find feeding guides for commercial diets.

VetChef Free includes:

  • Bespoke home-cooking recipes

  • Manage dietary exclusions

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Feeding diary

  • Manage recipes in fridge & freezer

  • Shopping lists

VetChef Free is completely free to use forever, with our Nutritional Supplements available to purchase as required.

VetChef Premium

Designed to offer expert support for dogs with more complex needs including weight management, and clinical health conditions (pancreatitis, diabetes, kidney disease, liver shunts, skin disease, and urinary stones).

VetChef Premium includes all the features of VetChef Free, plus:

  • Extended range of premium recipes including Prescription Homemade recipes for clinical health issues

  • Full nutritional analysis of your dog's diet

  • 15% discount on VetChef supplement


The premium package costs just £9.95 a month (or £99 a year if paid annually).