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Fresh, made easy with Buddy

Feeding your dog healthy fresh food no longer needs to be hard work.


With Buddy, the VetChef pet food maker, you can create delicious meals for your best friend in minutes, with no food prep required.

  1. Send your dog’s personalised recipe from the VetChef app straight to Buddy

  2. Weigh in the fresh ingredients one by one, no prep required

  3. Hit ‘cook’ and Buddy does the rest


Buddy is the world’s first fresh pet food maker, designed to make home cooking super -easy by doing all the hard work for you.

Puppy cookies 2.jpg


Using built-in scales, Buddy weighs each ingredient as you add it to the cooking bowl.

Turkey, sweet potato & courgette.jpg


Buddy can deal with every type of fresh ingredients from whole vegetables to meat, fish, and eggs, chopping and mixing to create the perfect chunky stew every time.

Beef & carrots cooking.jpg


The integrated hotplate heats up the recipe and simmers the ingredients until deliciously tender.



Once the food is at
the perfect serving temperature, Buddy helps you weigh it out into portions for you to
serve or store.

Coming Soon...

We’ll be unleashing Buddy soon, with our first limited edition model ready in 2022.

Sign up now to register your interest and be first in the queue to welcome Buddy into your kitchen.

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