Kibble 2 Cooked is a 5 step program that helps pet parents introduce healthy home-cooked meals into their dogs’ diet.


Designed by the VetChef vets and nutritionists, the easy-to-follow program is ideal for new pet parents or those looking to move their dogs away from a completely processed diet.

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Starting with the basics of home-cooking for dogs, including simple and easy to prepare recipes, the program also covers batch cooking, supplements, snacks and treats, using home-cooked food to manage health problems and moving to a completely home-cooked diet.

As well as helping you with the cooking, Kibble 2 Cooked is also a great way to gently introduce your dog to the pleasures of freshly prepared food, allowing their digestive system plenty of time to adapt. 


The 5 weekly modules can be completed at you and your dog's pace, one after the other, or spread out over a longer period. Just click on the Sign Up button to get started.

Introduce your dog to the benefits of a home-cooked diet with this simple 5 week program 

Week 1 - Getting started

In the first week, we’ll show you how easy and rewarding home-cooking for dogs can be  - and help you and your dog take your first steps on your home-cooking journey with a first quick, easy, and nutritious meal.

Week 2 - Balanced nutrition

After cooking up your first meal, in the second module of Kibble 2 Cooked we look at how to ensure a home-cooked diet provides all the nutrients your dog needs to ensure optimum long term health and wellbeing.

Week 3 - Batch cooking

Week 3 is all about the practicalities of switching more of your dog's meals away from processed to home-cooked. by starting to cook and store batches of food.

Week 4 - Snacks & treats

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are not just the only occasions when fresh home-cooked food can replace processed food – snacks, rewards and training treats can also be homemade...

Week 5 - Managing health issues

it’s not just healthy dogs who can benefit from a switch away from processed foods - a fresh diet can also play a significant role in tackling many of the serious health issues that affect so many dogs, such as arthritis, digestive problems, kidney disease, pancreatitis, allergies and many more.