Fresh feeding supplement to support dogs with renal disease as part of the VetChef Clinical diet

K951 Renal Support

Clinically formulated for dogs with veterinary diagnosed renal failure, this product is designed to be used in combination with VetChef renal support recipes to produce nutritionally complete and clinically balanced meals for dogs with renal failure of IRIS Stages 2-4.

VetChef renal support recipes balanced with K951 are formulated to meet recognised Veterinary Clinical guidelines for renal failure:

·      Phosphorus (0.2-0.5%DM)
·      Protein (low to moderate level, highly digestible)
·      Vitamin E (>26.8%DM)
·      Vitamin C (>10%DM)
·      Sodium (<0.3%DM)
·      Potassium (0.4-0.8%DM) and
·      B Vitamins
You should always work with your own veterinary surgeon and take their advice on whether a clinical diet is suitable for your pet. Please contact our Clinical Nutrition Team if you have more questions. 

This supplement contains low levels of phosphorus, increased levels of water soluble B vitamins to support appetite and replace urinary losses, and increased levels of antioxidants Vitamin E to slow ongoing kidney damage.


Each recyclable tin contains 300g, which will last a 10kg dog for 60 days.

Nutritional information



Tapioca flour, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate, Methionine (5%), Taurine (2.5%), L-Tryptophan (2%), Seaweed Powder, Dicalcium Phosphate, Ferrous Fumarate, Zinc Citrate, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate, Vitamin E (DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Thiamine, Sodium Selenite Anhydrous, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 4%, Crude fibre 1.2%, Crude fat 0.05%, Crude ash 25%, Moisture 4.1%

Minerals and trace elements (per 100g)
Calcium 12.3g, Phosphorus 0.1g, Copper 21mg, Iodine 2.8mg, Iron 165mg, Manganese 12.75mg, Selenium 1000ug, Zinc 115mg

Vitamins (per 100g)
Vitamin A 0.5iu, Vitamin B2 20mg, Vitamin B12 0.5ug, Vitamin D 2000iu, Vitamin E (DL-Alpha Tocopherol) 746iu

Feeding guide

Feed 5g per day per 10kg bodyweight as part of a homemade diet.
1 tin provides 60 portions for a 10kg dog.

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