How VetChef works

The idea behind VetChef is to make it super-simple for dog owners to feed their pets fresh, healthy food at home.


To do this, Dr Joe Inglis has developed a unique system that combines his nutritional expertise with a wealth of data on the dietary requirements of different types dogs and a massive database of ingredients and their nutritional properties. 

When you enter your dog's details the system calculates their exact nutritional requirements, whilst also taking into account any ingredients you need or prefer to exclude from their diet. It then picks out a set of recipes (from over 100 tried and tested meals) that best meet these requirements, and modifies them to ensure they deliver the exact balance of nutrients and energy required.

The end result is a unique set of recipes designed to deliver just the right level of nutrients your dog - and only your dog - needs to keep them as fit and healthy as possible. 

The process takes just a few minutes, is completely free and you don't even need to enter an email address to view your recipes. 

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