Why feed fresh?

Over the last 50 years or so, the way we feed our pets has changed almost beyond recognition. We've moved away from a diet based on fresh scraps from human meals to a world where most pets are fed almost exclusively on commercial processed foods. 

The old-fashioned approach was far from perfect, and many dogs and cats were seriously malnourished before the advent of modern complete foods, but that doesn't mean a diet of processed foods is the best we can offer our pets in the 21st century.

The benefits of fresh food are clear, particularly in our own diets; there is plenty of serious science proving that a diet rich in fresh and varied ingredients is the healthiest approach. And there's also evidence to support the benefits of fresh feeding for pets too - a study of the feeding habits of 500 dogs in Belgium showed that those fed a commercial diet had shorter lifespans compared to those fed fresh food. Read the study by following the link on the Why Home-cook page.

So the message from the science is clear - fresh feeding is best. Even if you're not able to cook fresh for your pets all the time, every fresh meal you provide for them is a dose of healthy goodness that will help to keep them fit and happy for as long as possible.

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