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The VetChef team

VetChef Pro Exclusion diets

For food trials and long-term dietary management of dogs with food allergies and intolerances

For dogs with CAFR (Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions) or IBD requiring an exclusion/elimination diet, home-cooked novel ingredient exclusion diets are the gold standard

With a VetChef Clinical subscription managed through your VetChef Pro portal, your clients can access a wide range of home-cooked exclusion diets, and our clinical nutritionists provided ongoing support to manage the introduction of novel ingredients and transition from trial to balanced long-term diets


VetChef Prescription Homemade exclusion diets can also offer a short-term alternative for dogs on commercial prescription diets such as hydrolysed protein diets where there are availability issues.

The following Venison & Quinoa exclusion diet is an example of the kind of diet offered through the VetChef Clinical platform:

Venison & Quinoa Home-Cooked Exclusion Diet 

This recipe is suitable as a home-cooked exclusion diet for IBD or Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions.


  1. Weigh out the ingredients (all weights are for uncooked ingredients)

  2. Chop the venison into small pieces

  3. Add the venison, quinoa and water to a pan and bring to the boil

  4. Simmer gently for around 15-20 minutes, stirring regularly, until the quinoa is cooked and soft. Add more water if required during cooking

  5. Allow to cool thoroughly before serving

This table is intended for adult dogs only, for a maximum of 12 weeks. Please contact the Clinical Team at VetChef if you need an exclusion diet for a growing puppy, for alternative exclusion diets for dogs who have already had previous exposure to venison or quinoa, and for advice on how to return to a balanced diet.  

For further reading, we would recommend the following article from Kathryn Cuddy MVB CertAVP(VD) MRCVS which looks in detail at the use of elimination/ exclusion diets for diagnosing and managing CAFRs.

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