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Nutritional consultations

My VetChef can provide tailored diets appropriate for many health conditions including simple food allergies and intolerances, early stage kidney and liver disease, and joint problems. However, for dogs struggling with more serious health issues such as complex allergies and intolerances, I,BD, pancreatitis, moderate to advanced liver or kidney disease and for dogs with highly specific nutritional requirements because of a working or sporting lifestyle,, pregnancy or lactation, a consultation with one of our expert clinical nutritionists can provide more advanced nutritional support..

With a one-on-one consultation, our nutritionists will be able to understand your dog's history and current medical and nutritional needs, and formulate recipes designed specifically to address their individual issues. 

After completing a pre-consultation questionnaire, you will have an hour-long phone or video call with your nutritionist to explore your dog's issues in detail. Your nutritionist will then spend time formulating up to three unique recipes for your dog, which will also be added to your My VetChef account.

Your nutritionist will remain available for follow up discussion by text or email to refine your recipes for three months after your initial consultation. 

To read more about our team of nutritionists, click here, and to book, simply select one of the consultation options from below:

Katie McCaul

BSc ANutR DipNat VN

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