Bespoke nutrition

Pets come in all different shapes and sizes, and their nutritional requirements are as varied as their appearances. From bouncy young puppies who need protein and calcium rich diets to feed their growing bodies and hectic play times, to elderly dogs whose calorie burning days are long behind them, no two dogs needs exactly the same diet. Even breed can make a difference, with some being prone to specific health issues and some simply having unusual physical characteristics that make certain nutrients or ingredients more important.

As well as theses factors, health issues and dietary intolerances are also important to consider when creating a personalised diet. Some diseases such as arthritis or dermatitis can be helped through the inclusion of specific ingredients such as fish oils or turmeric, whereas others such as kidney disease benefit from strict control of nutrients such as sodium and potassium in the diet.

The VetChef system has been designed to take all of these factors and more into account when creating the ideal recipes for each dog. This means that you can be confident that by feeding these recipes to your dog, you are giving them the very best level of nutritional support for their individual needs.

Enter details of your dog, and the VetChef system will create 3 bespoke recipes for nutritionally personalised homemade food, just for your dog

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