Fresh food, made easy

With simple, vet-approved recipes for you to cook for your dog at home 

Enter your dog's details to get 3 bespoke recipes designed specifically for them, totally for free


Fresh is best

  • Fresh food is the healthiest way to feed

  • 100% natural ingredients, selected by you

  • No artificial additives or chemicals

  • Recipes & ingredients tailored for your dog

  • Manage chronic health conditions

  • Save money - fresh feeding is great value

Bespoke nutrition

One size most definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to dog nutrition - every individual has their own specific needs and preferences.

Unlike mass-produced dog foods, VetChef recipes are personalised, so each individual dog gets exactly the right levels of nutrients and flavours they need to keep them healthy and happy.


How it works

  1. Enter your dog's details

  2. Add any health issues and dietary intolerances

  3. The VetChef system creates 3 bespoke recipes for your dog

  4. Feed the recipes as part or all of your dog's diet

  5. See your dog's health & happiness blossom

The VetChef

The VetChef recipes and nutritional systems have been designed by veterinarian and nutritional expert Dr Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS. ​

After many years working in the pet food industry, Joe has seen exactly what goes into ultra-processed pet foods, and this has helped him to understand the benefits in feeding fresh, natural food.

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