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Gently-cooked meals & treats for your dog

We help you cook delicious, nutritionally complete meals for your dogs at home - or deliver them direct from our kitchens to your door.


Nutritional expertise

"As a vet, nutrition expert, and pet parent, I understand the importance of diet and nutrition on the health and wellbeing of our dogs, and I founded VetChef to help pet parents feed the very best food to their best friends."

Dr Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS

VetChef Founder & Head Vet

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Fresh from the VetChef kitchens

Handmade meals and snacks cooked in our dog food kitchen in Stroud and delivered to your dog's bowl.

Why feed fresh?

Given how much we love our dogs, it’s natural that we should want the very best for them, and when it comes to food, there’s no doubt that including healthy fresh meals in their diet is the best - scientific research confirms that dogs live longer on homemade diets. 

And as well as living longer, there's no doubt they also live happier with real food in their bowls.

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Homemade, made easy

For pet parents who prefer to prepare their dog's meals at home, we offer a range of nutritional supplements designed to complement our library of vet-approved home-made recipes, making it super-easy to cook up healthy, complete meals for your dogs at home.

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